Friday, January 27, 2012

Settling in With a Book

Now that the computer is back from the Exorcist, you would think I would be posting lots of entries. Yeah. I thought so, too. But I've been spending every free moment zipping through some John Grisham novels.

A new television series started this month, called The Firm. It's sort of a postscript to the Grisham novel of the same name. Mike, Brooks and I watched the pilot, which was very good, and we have looked forward to each subsequent episode. Brooks has read a couple of the Grisham books that we had in our personal library, but The Firm was not one of them. I checked it out of the library and read it aloud after the girls are in bed. Does it sound wierd that I read aloud to my 15-year-old son? It's something we do fairly often - on car trips and whenever we get a hankering to experience a book together. And I do voices and everything. It's a One Woman Show. *grin*

We finished The Firm in about a week and now we've moved on to A Time to Kill, my favorite book by that author. The experience is taking me back to my early married/early motherhood life when I first read these books.

I am a character-driven reader in most instances. I'll read books over and over again if they have characters who I want to hang out with. But I'm realizing that the books I'm drawn back to also almost universally take place in the south. Maybe I'm drawn to settings as much as characters? Or maybe there's a prototypical Southern Character that tends to appear in those books who draws me in.

Either way. Enjoying the time with my boy. And the southerners.


  1. I don't think its weird that your read aloud to your 15-year-old son. But what does he think? Do it as long as he wants to!

  2. I ALWAYS read aloud to my high schoolers when I taught English. They LOVED it. I'm not sure exactly why this is, but I trusted my teacherish instinct and their rapt attention. Keep going!

  3. I loved The Firm! I'm not a Grisham fan (though I have considered starting in on this TV series) but I could not put that book down. The Tom Cruise film was a big disappointment to me because it didn't match the picture I had in my brain.

  4. Jon, brooks definitely likes it. He asked for another book when we finished the second. I remember liking The Rainmaker, but we're both finding it pretty depressing nine chapters in.


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