Friday, January 6, 2012

I Write this From My Bed...

On this, the last weekday of Christmas break. We've eaten rich food, we've played, we've relaxed, and we've slept in. Oh, how we've slept in!

And if you're one of my girls, you've also downloaded a few free computer games from a website, inviting in the biggest, baddest computer virus we've ever seen. Mike looked it up online while at work and learned that it could be accessed remotely, summoning all our passwords and such.

Our computer has been sent to a healer.

It's been there a week.

It feels like a year.

All of my Internet activity has to be done on the iPad, which is a nice crutch, but no real substitution. Through it, I cannot put pictures on the blog, so I have posts piling up waiting to be shared.

In food news,Late Vacation Boredom has begun to creep into my Sophia and she went hunting for interesting baking recipes yesterday. The result: Peant Butter Cookie Dough Brownies with a Chocolate Ganauche.


  1. :( Sorry to hear about your virus! I was thinking of you the other day, wondering what happened to part 4 of your 4 part weekend posts. Also(though now I can't remember it was a blog or FB post), what gift you found for a teenage boy that might be a big hit - this is definitely information I can use! :) Hope your computer is healed soon and your back to school routine returns easily!

  2. Hi Jen. The update of part 4 is another victim of the computer virus. I need to post pix to do the update and that can't be done from the pad. As for the Christmas present, I thought it would be a hit to get him a techy gift, but without going overboard in expense or indulgence. He has enough in the way of gaming systems and iPod and, of course the school hass issued him a laptop. But while wandering the electronics section I came across a box that we can hook up to the tv allowing streaming from youtube, or hulu or his computer and view it on tv instead of computer. Now we can family movies from the Internet while lying around in bed. It was a hit.


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