Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Know I'm a Grown-Up Because...

...I was the one who made the holiday happen.

...I did it with an oven that failed to preheat on, of all days, Thanksgiving morning.

...I tried three new recipes simultaneously and did not spontaneously combust.

...the dishes all got done on time.

...I allowed the children to help and seldom raised my voice, even when Brooks let the egg whites that he was separating slop into the garbage, rather than save them for future use.

...I fell into bed exhausted that night and got up early the next day to start making Christmas happen.

...I love my little clan so much that it makes me want to do hard things for their pleasure.


  1. hey, yes, I know! When I realized I could pull off a serious holiday meal, yeah, I felt like I had arrived.
    what new recipes did you try? (very brave)

  2. @Margo - Well, I tried quite a few from the Bobby Flay/Pioneer Woman throwdown. One for Brussels sprouts, one for Parker House rolls, and one for Pumpkin Bread Pudding. And if you count the brine, that was four new recipes. I think I'll blog about one or two of them before the holidays are over. I also realized that I grew in my garden: the potatoes, the onions roasting along with the turkey, the sweet potatoes, the brussels sprouts and the butternut squash out of which the pumpkin bread was made. If that's not a grown up, I don't know what is.


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