Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Ava had her buddy Meiling over recently and we made the first Christmas cookies of the year. While we had the cookie cutters out, we made these simple ornaments.

First, mix equal parts applesauce and cinnamon. It forms a stiff dough.

Press it flat between two pieces of waxed paper. We used a rolling pin so that we would get a smoother surface. I also found that some of the thinner areas of dough didn't make a very durable ornament. Aim for about 1/2 inch thickness.

Take off the top layer of waxed paper and cut out any shape you like. When you are finished, use a toothpick to make a hole at the top.

These need to dry for anywhere from one to four days, depending on thickness. After that, use an ornament hook, string or ribbon through the hole to hang it on the tree. It smells great!

I think play dates should always include kitchen work, don't you?


  1. good to know. my kids would love to make these. do they smell like cinnamon for a long time?

  2. They do. While they might not make the whole room smell of cinnamon after a few days, I've had others for a few years, and for several Christmases, when I unpacked them to hang them on the tree, I would hold them under my nose and could still take a nice whiff of cinnamon.


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