Monday, August 9, 2010

Camping Out

We had the pleasure of camping this weekend with a bunch of friends of all ages. Well, it was a pleasure for me. For the son, Lover of Technology and Hater of Mosquitoes and Humidity, not so much. It's OK. It won't kill him to take his likes and dislikes a bit less seriously.

We had a smallish tent that was supposed to sleep four to six. I suppose the five of us could lie down shoulder to shoulder in it, but last year we opted to borrow another smallish tent and we used one for boys, one for girls. I was looking to do just that this year. I put out a plea on Facebook for a borrowed tent. One acquaintance was pushing hard for us to borrow her "Party Tent." ("It has three rooms!" "It's 18x18!" "It's orange!") We went the party tent route so we were all able to sleep roomily under one nylon roof for the weekend.

Another family in our party borrowed this beast. Refurbished from an old school bus and used for NASCAR viewing, perfect strangers stopped by and took pictures or asked for tours. Are you noticing that deck on top? It folds down for driving down the road. Ingenious!

It was a nice group campout. We had beautiful weather to enjoy...

A lake to float in...

Pleasant company...

And campfire cooking.

There's a breakfast I prepare when we go camping that is a staple of our outdoorsy menu. I don't know why. The ingredients aren't particularly outdoorsy. In fact, I usually make it for our Christmas morning meal. I suppose I just trust that it'll turn out well in a cast iron skillet, which is what I cook in over the campfire.

When I started making this breakfast, called Shepherder's Breakfast, last weekend, Ron, our campsite neighbor followed his nose over to my cook station to chat and admire the hearty breakfast in the works. I got to visiting, fussing over my breakfast and handing out coffee and forgot to take any picture of the process. I took one lame picture of the finished product scooped into my bowl, but I don't think it looks particularly appetizing.

Anyway, I made it again at home today so that I could add some photos. I really need a better camera. Sorry.

So, you start out with shredded hash browns in a hot, buttery skillet. For camping, I definitely save some trouble and just use frozen. I like to add water as they cook. I think there's less sticking to the pan, and more of the dense texture that I like in the finished product. Once the hash browns begin to brown, level off the pile and crack an egg into as many divots in the hash browns as you like.

I salt and pepper it a bit at this point and then put a lid on. I think the eggs cook faster this way, since there's a buffer of potatoes between them and the actual heat source.

When they're nearly done, sprinkle over all some bacon crumbles and shredded cheese. Cover again until it's melty. Eat immediately.


  1. I see this for breakfast in my future (Clara, who's leaning over my shoulder says this would be a good first day of school breakfast.) I shredded and froze a pile of potatoes Margo and I had left over from a church cooking venture. What have I been saving them for? This breakfast, it would seem.

  2. Cool camping bus!!!! And I especially like the upper balcony.

  3. I WANT TO CAMP IN THAT BUS. Going to show this picture to my husband who adores things like this - maybe we'll make our own! Do you know these people personally? I mean, so my husband can ask them questions as he retrofits a bus.

    That breakfast looks gooooood. I grew up with a version we called "honky eggs" (why, I don't know). Saute onions and peppers, add hash browns, add eggs, keep scrambling until everything is cooked. Put cheese on top. Yours is less hands on and has bacon. I like that!


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