Friday, March 5, 2010

Snot-Fest 2010

Lawd, I'm sick. I'm experiencing the time-honored tradition of thinking I can see the warming, springtime light at the end of the very dark and wintry tunnel... only to succomb to a very drawn-out, very miserable, medicated bronchial such-and-such that will carry on to, oh, mid-June or so.

This sucks.

I've not posted for a few days and it's because I've been terribly busy feeling sorry for myself. But I've just soaked in an Inferno Bath, hoping to steam away the germs, and I've dragged my wretched bones to the computer to brag briefly about my husband.

I do some substitute teaching from time to time in the local school system and spent the day with 23 4th graders. I felt myself getting sicker as the day wore on, but persevered to the 2:35 release. I picked up my girls, took one of my stockpiled casseroles out of the freezer and flopped on the couch, where I remained until Michael got home.

Bless him, he sent me to bed, cleaned up the kitchen (from breakfast... *blush*), handwashed the dishes and prepared the fixings to go with the Taco Casserole.

It's the little things.


  1. That's not little. THat's HUGE. Over such things are marriages broken! Hope you get better soon. Didja know R is down with something awful too?

  2. Good lands, is she still down? Here's hoping she's back in the pink by your next sewing circle day (Can you make a circle with 2?) and that your family is spared.


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