Saturday, March 27, 2010

Early Garden

Prologue: Apparently, I don't know how to rotate photos.

Early Garden, Chapter 1: My mom and dad always had an enormous garden. When Mom got sick and dad was alone, the garden plot shrank and eventually was entirely seeded over with grass. These days Dad has a wife again and has found time for some of the pleasures which he had enjoyed as a younger man, including gardening a tiny area at the back of his property.

Last year, the economy inspired Dad to once again have a crazy-big garden, which we care for together. This year, we continue gardening as a family. The produce is enjoyed by us and shared with those around us. This weekend, we worked our section of early garden.

Ava, Grandpa and I spent about an hour today planting fine little lettuce seeds...

And barely-there wee onion plants...

And tissue-papery yellow onion sets.

Can't wait for some garden lettuce salad with green onions and sour cream dressing.

When we came home, Ava put on safety goggles and ate a string cheese. The end.


  1. I wish I had a garden or knew how to do it or had friends with a really big garden. I just have market, which is fine, but not my fingers in the dirt. And not my kids, you know?

    That last photo is hilarious.

  2. String cheese and safety goggles....OSHA would be proud.



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