Friday, December 21, 2012

Written Love

This week was my last week of piano lessons (I teach) until the new year. Many of my students bring me little Christmas presents and all of them make me grateful and excited, like presents should. Yesterday one student brought me this, which she had made for me:

"Dear Mrs. Chupp,

I hope you have a great Christmas! You are the greatest teacher in the world! I made up this poem Roses are Red Violets are Blue Stares Shine and so do you.

from Claire to Mrs. Chupp"

I mean, have you ever?

I will put this in a keepsake album in which I keep nice old letters from friends, extra nice thank you notes, the "Warm Fuzzy" pages from the old a cappella choir retreats. Today I anticipated being an old woman looking through my Love and Kindness Book and I was surprised to find that it made me sad. It seemed like it might feel like looking at something that was gone forever.

What do you do with all the Written Love in your life?


  1. You mean all the written stuff will be gone because of our devotion to the digital? Yes, I wonder about that. I have nothing as organized as a book, but rather a HUGE box of every letter/card I ever got from the 70s to the mid 90s. I often think of burning the whole thing...not sure I want the descendants saying, "What kind of ninny WAS Great-Granny??"

  2. When I started to teach, an older teacher advised me to keep a box of nice things that students said/wrote to me to cheer me up on the dark days when it didn't seem worth it. So I did. It's somewhere. I also keep some letters/cards, although I'm much more ruthless with them now. They live in a drawer in my nightstand.


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