Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Big Weekend - Four Small Posts...Part 4

I just learned that my mother-in-law is reading the blog and since part 4 was meant to reveal Christmas secrets, I'm just posting to say.... I'm not posting.

Update later. Like around December 26.

Update 1/16/12: SIL Sarah and I worked together on this. Our Christmas busywork was getting the kids together for photos for my MIL's Christmas. Last year we took some photographs of the kids together and some of each child individually. They've all grown so much over the last year, that we thought updated photos would be appropriate to refill her frames. I'll just share a couple of my kids.
She is growing up!
Had to take Brooks' shot from a group pic. I cropped Sophia out of the print, but couldn't figure it out on the blog. I think Brooks looks handsome here, though.
Ava - my baby. I cannot explain the passage of time.


  1. Oh,come on . . . . :-)

  2. Is that you, Karen? Why aren't you at the choir concert? ;)


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