Friday, September 23, 2011

A Revelation Through the Haze

My mother always said that I'd be a coffee drinker by my second semester of college. Not so. I probably started drinking more Pepsi at that time of my life. I always enjoyed the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but it just tasted like oven scrapings to me.

No, it wasn't all nighters in college that made me a coffee drinker, it was my third child.

It was Brooks' first year in school full-time. Sophia was just turning four and Ava had just gotten mobile. I needed to clean the house from top to bottom for Sophie's little birthday party with the family. I thought it would be nice to offer coffee for the grandparents to drink with their cake and I remembered a bag of Blue Mountain coffee that I had had in our freezer since our trip to Jamaica a couple of years prior. After the birthday party, I just continued to make coffee for myself most mornings until the bag was gone. And then I required more.

The Pioneer Woman, a blog I read, is giving up sugar for a month. She just means sugar, not carbs. She will still eat a baked potato or drink a glass of wine. I thought I would join her in giving up sugar. Since I drink my coffee very much on the Sweet and Light side, I'm disgusted that giving up sugar also means giving up coffee, but it's only a month, right?

Yesterday was a day that should have been very productive. My schedule allowed me to be home alone for most of the day and there was plenty to do. Instead, I sat down at the computer between loads of laundry. I took two (!) naps. I commented to a friend that I couldn't figure out why I was so sleepy and useless. And then...

Ah, yes. Day five of no sugar and no coffee.

Guess what I'm doing on Day 6? Substituting for elementary school music. May God have mercy on my soul.


  1. Another way to look at this is that this is the next step in a logical progression: sweet 'n' light, light only, black. At least that's what my mom says. I got stalled at milk only. Oh, lovely, lovely coffee with milk. Give it a try. Won't be long 'til sweet coffee tastes gross.

  2. drink it black, baby! I would be so stupid without a little caffeine drug :) although I have to say that black coffee goes best with sweets. . . hehe.

  3. I started drinking coffee with child #2. Could never do just black,usually do splenda and milk. It would be so much healthier if sweet coffee tasted gross. Did you suffer from caffeine withdrawl headaches? That's always the worst part for me when I try to go without. Hope subbing went well - for you and the kids!

  4. I'm definitely getting the impression that people will think the sweets will taste gross to me after a bit of fasting. Interesting. I've never even considered myself a sweets kind of girl. But the sweet drinks.... that's my secret downfall.

    So glad you're commenting, Jen. :)


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