Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Short on Time!

It was one of those evenings. It was 5:00 PM when I gave my first thought of the dinner menu. When my mother was raising her family, she had to pull the meat out of the freezer before she left for work in the morning, but not I. I can cluelessly go about my day with nary a thought of getting the family fed.

I finally decided that meatloaf was the thing and I pulled out a pound of ground beef and slammed it in the microwave. Even as I beeped the defrost button, I wondered how I was going to get it done before bedtime. And then, a stroke of brilliance. A full loaf would not get done before dark, but many wee, bitty loaves would.

So... instead of a meat loaf....

...meat cupcakes. (Baking time 30 minutes)


  1. pretty clever! and they look YUM.

  2. Oh! How 'bout sour cream potatoes as a go with?


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