Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lunch at the Beach

Last summer was the moment in time when I realized that our family was done with diapers, naps, strollers and all that babyhood debris. Armed with that bit of freedom, I added outings to our summertime schedule and mainly took the kids to the beaches all along the southeastern Lake Michigan shore. Sometimes we'd take friends, sometimes Michael would take the day off of work to join us... always we enjoyed the sunshine, the water, the sand.

What do you take for lunch at the beach? I've fallen into a routine of frying up chicken pieces the morning of, and popping them, hot, into the cooler with our cold drinks. By the time we get to the beach, they are cool and still juicy. Usually, there is a seasonal fruit along, too. Right now, it's cherry season.

Lest you think too highly of me, believing all of our beach fare to fall into one of the following categories: healthful, homespun or natural - let me reassure you that plenty of junk is allowed at the beach. There's always a couple of bags of chips along for the ride, and my ever-present illicit lover, which I adoringly call Pepsi.

We've been to the shore of Lake Michigan twice so far this summer. We're planning a third trip next week. Brooks' 14th birthday is this month and I offered to arrange an all-boy trip to The Dunes on some nice day soon to come. Well, all boys save one middle-aged, slightly overweight mother.


  1. Not that this was the point of this post...but....when did we become middle aged mothers? I was certain that I was still a college girly sporting around the Lake Michigan beaches in my boyfriend's too-big sweatshirt.

  2. I would love to know to fry chicken. That sounds just ideal for a beach lunch.
    My beach lunch is usually whatever I can take that doesn't need a cooler - bread, cheese, pretzels/chips, fruit. verrrry boring. Maybe when I stop needing to lug diapers, I'll branch out into better beach food :) Also, I guess I usually go to a beach where there's a boardwalk with food.


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